K9 Handler Training

Global’s History Training K9 Working Dogs

Established in October 1984, K9 Global Training Academy has become a worldwide leader in the training of working dogs for a wide range of industries including bomb, mines, and drug detector, patrol, tracking, and police, search & rescue, termite, and arson dogs, just to mention a few. We pride ourselves on being able to exceed expectations, and the proof is in our track record of satisfied customers.
K9 Training

With more than 180 years of combined professional experience, our trainers and staff represent the absolute best the K9 training the working dog industry has to offer. We are licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security, as well as being registered with the DEA, Texas DPS, and the ATF for the use of explosives. On the business end, we are also a member of the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, and the Texas & United States Chambers of Commerce.

Working mainly with Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds, we have placed working K9s all over the US and around the world. In fact, we currently have dogs working in Iraq, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Kuwait, Mexico, Mozambique, Angola, Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Kosovo.

As you can see, we have been able to produce working dogs that are capable of standing up to any conditions, nearly anywhere on Earth. To see a working map of everywhere that Global dogs are helping to make the world a safer place, check out our “Working K9 Map” here.

The Global K9 Training Advantage

Training a few K9s may prove that one has the ability to handle working dogs, but over the past quarter century, Global Training Academy has produced an exceptionally large number of handler and K9 teams, proving time and time again that our approach is second to none.

This consistency is a reflection of not only our k9 training ability, but also of our ongoing commitment to developing and maintaining expertise while producing reliable, high-quality results. There are other dog trainers out there, but none have built the kind of reputation that Global has established.

Not only do we have more than three thousand dogs currently in service in all corners of the globe, but our results have been so reputable that two of our drug dogs even appear in the Guinness Book of World Records. Regardless of who sets the standard, you will find time and time again that our approach to training K9 dogs is simply the best there is.

Our K9 Training Commitment

Regardless of what you are purchasing, the objective of the seller should be to ensure your complete and total satisfaction…and at K9 Global Training Academy, that is exactly what we strive to accomplish. Your money is important, which is why we have committed ourselves to providing the absolute best possible results for your investment. Not only do we push ourselves to be the best we can possibly be, but we also set the global standards by which other trainers judge their results.

From handler training to follow up assistance, we pride ourselves on providing as much excellence in our customer service as we do in our K9 training practices. We are happy to provide yearly re-certifications, and we often make special efforts to resolve individual problems quickly and efficiently.

Our reputation within the industry is of bullet-proof reliability and ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. We are happy to provide references for any one of our services, and will gladly stand behind any dog we have put out into the working world. At Global, we are absolutely certain that our reputation – and the work ethic upon which it was built – will speak for itself.

From our longstanding history, to our current global standards, to providing exceptional follow-up and customer support, Global Training Academy’s approach to K9 training is second to none. Regardless of the industry or of the job at hand, we are confident that our working dogs are the absolute best in the world. We are proud to provide the type of product and services that stand up to the test of time and keep our customers coming back for more.