Arson Dogs

As the worldwide leader in the training of working dogs, GTA prides itself on the ability to deliver the most well trained dogs available in any field. Regardless of what kind of skill set you might require, we have the ability to train and deliver a working K9 that is second to none. With more than thirty years of experience in the field, you can count on the first-hand knowledge of our highly trained team of experts to provide a working dog that exceeds your highest expectations.

Our unique training process requires each handler and dog team undergo a thorough, three-step certification process. Because arson dogs are required to work under such a wide variety of circumstances, it is absolutely critical that each step of this process be completed to the absolute highest standards. Only after this process has been completed by both the dog and its handler can the team be graduated and certified for real-world work.

As with all of our patrol dogs, we make certain to engrain all of our arson dogs to hold handler protection as its top priority, above all else. Should a handler come under attack, each and every one of our dogs will defend aggressively, with or without command. At GTA, we believe that it is this level of trust and bonding which separate our dogs from the rest of the pack. Not only is handler protection of the utmost importance, but it is also critical to ensure that both the dog and handler have complete trust in one another. Much like any other working relationship, the key is to start with a solid foundation upon which to build.

The GTA Standard in Arson Dogs

Much like our other working dogs, we have found that the key to being successful with arson dogs lies in the application of stringent standards to the training process. Only after a dog has successfully completed each and every step of the training process can it be considered a candidate for graduation.

This internationally recognized standard of training has allowed GTA to continue its growth trajectory for the past three decades. Until we came along, there were simply no standards whatsoever which applied to the training and certification of working dogs such as arson dogs,among the civilian population.

After applying years of military experience, our founders have been able to set the bar by which all other dog trainers are now measured. From police K9 dogs to the United States Department of Defense, we are currently working with some of the world’s most demanding customers…and not only are we meeting expectations, we are consistently exceeding them!

Our arson dogs are simply the finest class of working dog on the planet. From Asia to North America and back again, absolutely no one is more sought after for their training techniques or their ability to deliver consistent results and reliable working dogs. With more than four hundred fifty dogs working for the United States government alone, you can be certain that our reputation is built upon actual results from demanding real-world situations.

Training Arson Dogs

Trainingarson dogs can be one of the more difficult challenges in the dog training world. Because they are often faced with a different territory for every individual job, it is absolutely critical that each and every dog be trained to work under a wide variety of conditions, including some of the most difficult circumstances imaginable. Regardless of climate, weather conditions, or time of year, our dogs are able to overcome the most challenging of circumstances to get the job done right.

All of the K9 arson dogs trained by Global Training Academy use what is commonly referred to as the ‘passive’ manner of arson detection. This essentially means that they will sit on or near the source of the odor which they are seeking once it has been detected. This allows officials to locate the substance without fear of damaging or destroying evidence, which is absolutely critical in ensuring that the prosecution process is not impaired.

Some of the arson-related substances our dogs are trained to detect include; gasoline, lighter fluid, charcoal starter fluid, brake fluid, thinner, turpentine, naphtha, diesel, acetone, and Coleman fuel. Although these are some of the more common sources, we are also able to train our dogs to seek out just about any fuel source that might be used in an arson case.

By utilizing the most realistic training scenarios possible, we are able to ensure that each and every one of our arson dogs is ready and able to take on the challenges of real world arson detection. This includes ensuring that our training facilities in Somerset, Texas are as realistic as possible, simulating an actual arson scene right down to the very last detail.

Upon delivery of our arson dogs, each and every one will be intensively trained and ready for action. Law enforcement officials can also receive special assistance upon request, including arson search assignments with one of our highly trained professional handlers.

Our expert team of dog training professionals is specially trained to take each dog through a series of several different real-world scenarios. By varying the training techniques and programs used, we are able to ensure that each dog has a diverse skill set which applies well to any number of actual situations which might arise. It is this versatility and reliability that set GTA apart from the rest of the pack, allowing our dogs to successfully adapt to anything that might be thrown their way.

Our training facilities here on Somerset are second to none, and include a host of realistic scenarios in which our dogs are trained. We are confident in our ability to train a dog to handle just about any real world scenario here in Texas, but we are also able to provide on-site training upon client request. Under certain circumstances, it may be optimal for an arson dog, to be trained at the customer’s location. Please contact us for more information about the possibility of having our expert trainers travel to you for on-site training options.

Different Breeds of Arson Dogs

Although most people tend to turn their attention to the more common breeds of working dog when selecting an arson dog, we have found that any breed can be successful in arson training. Upon customer request, we are more than happy to work with any breed of dog you might require.