Tracking Dogs

Global Training Academy delivers tracking dogs all over the United States and over the world !


Possibilities with tracking dogs

What does a tracking dog do ? We can use tracking dogs for different purposes :

  • Track down people (criminals, missing persons)
  • Track down missing objects

Tracking dogs use the technique in which the dogs are trained to locate people or objects. K9 GTA delivers tracking dogs and also provides tracking dogs handler training. If necessary training is given at the location of our customers otherwise we provide this training at our facilities at our company in Sommerset, Texas.

PhasesTracking Dogs

A tracking command for a dog has three phases :

  • Search phase : the dog attempting to find a track
  • Deciding phase : the dog found a track; sniffs longer and determine the direction of the track
  • Tracking phase : direction is determined, dog is following the track

Line of work

Tracking dogs can be used as police dogs. They can operate in order to find all kind of different objects. As police dogs they can be used tracking down alive and dead individuals, recovering evidence in a crime scene, finding explosives or drugs or in arson investigations.

At our facilities in Sommerset, Texas we have the best ways to train our tracking dogs. We can simulate nearly every possible situation for both the dog as well as for the dog handler. Feel free to visit us anytime.