K9 Working Dogs

The GTA Approach to Training K9 Dogs

At Global Training Academy, we are world renowned for our stringent training standards and the revolutionary approach we take to the training of working dogs. Across the United States and around the world, our dogs are recognized as the absolute best.


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Whether you are in the market for a detection dog, patrol dog, or any other types of k9 working dogs for sale, you have come to the right place. With more than thirty years of experience, you can count on GTA to provide training and follow-up that is second to none.

Before we entered the industry, there was a complete void of training standards when it came to working dog training. It was essentially a “buyer-beware” industry, with very little accountability for the promises made by merchants. But by applying the stringent standards of the United States military to the civilian market, GTA has been able to forge ahead of the competition, literally becoming the standard by which all other trainers are now measured and a trusted source for k9 working dogs for sale.

Global founder Dan Hayter spent more than five years serving as the Course Chief for the Military Drug Dog Training Course at Lackland Air Force Base, during which time he developed a deep and thorough understanding of exactly what it takes to train a world class working dog. By applying the lessons learned during this time to the civilian market, GTA has been able to establish ourselves as the world-wide leader in dog training techniques and k9 dogs for sale, for the working world.


Police K9s For Sale

When it comes to training and the sale of police k9 dogs, there is absolutely no question that Global Training Academy is the gold standard. From our world-class training facility in Somerset, Texas to the follow-up customer care that has become our signature, we take every step possible to ensure the happiness of our end customers. We pride ourselves on making the ability to make customers happy.

But beyond the training process, we are also more than happy to help with the purchase of only the finest dogs available. Because temperament, personality, and natural skill set mean so much, it can be difficult to locate and assess a dog with the right potential for each set of working circumstances.

Not only can GTA help you track down k9 working dogs for sale, but we can also help ensure that each dog selected has the right tools for the position that needs to be filled. By relying on our decades of expertise, you can rest assured that the dog you finally select will be given the absolute best chances for success.

By working with only the finest examples from the most relied upon breeds, we are able to curb the odds that each and every one of our working dogs will be a perfect long-term fit for the end customer who selects him or her. This single step eliminates a large percentage of the worry that often accompanies such a purchase, and allows you to rest assured, knowing that the dog you have selected is more than capable of performing the tasks which have been asked of it.


Examples of Our Work

When you are in the market for k9 working dogs for sale, it can be easy to find trainers who make big promises… but the truth is that unless they have an established history of working with high-end working dogs, you are putting your faith in a roll of the dice. Only highly specialized training and a wealth of experience can give you the true Global advantage.

And this is where GTA truly separates itself from the rest of the pack. With more than 450 dogs currently working all over the world for just the US Department of Defense alone, you know that you can rely on Global Training Academy to provide the same kind of quality results that are expected of the world’s most elite working dogs.

In every corner of the globe, we have placed police k9 dogs, detection dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, drug dogs, and any other kind of world-class working dogs you can imagine. From Asia, to Europe, to the Middle East and back again, no one is as well-respected or as well-represented in the world of dog training as we are. Simply put, Global Training Academy represents the gold standard of working dogs. Across all industries, across all physical locations, and regardless of the skill set required…you simply will not find anyone better when it comes to training dogs.

If you have questions about any of our dogs, k9 dogs for sale, our training procedures, prices, or any other inquiries whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Our friendly and experienced customer service team will be more than happy to help you.