Drug Dog Training

As a world renowned leader in training working dogs, Global Training Academy prides itself on providing the absolute finest in every element of the training process. Each and every one of our drug sniffing dogs must complete the most extensive and thorough drug dog training program in the world before it can be considered a candidate for field work.

Each of our handler/drug dog teams must complete a standard certification process, then undergo not one, but three real world performance evaluations before finally completing a written examination. Only after successfully completing this rigorous training can a handler and dog team be considered up to par by Global standards.

The first step of our drug dog training process requires each and every dog to undergo a mandatory certification process. This certification was one of the founding principles of Global Training Academy, and was built upon US Military standards when the company was founded in 1984. All around the world, our training standards and working dogs are known as the absolute best.

As with all of our patrol dogs, handler protection is the number one priority. In the event of an attack on its handler, our dogs will defend with or without command. At Global, we believe that it is this type of loyalty and trust which establishes the basis of a strong working relationship. Time and time again, we have seen that it is the strength of the bond between handler and dog, which is the most accurate predictor of real world success.

The History of K9 Drug Training Standards

When the company was established in 1984, there were absolutely no standards to regulate drug sniffing dogs within the civilian community. Global was the first to introduce the concept of a standard training certification for handler and drug dog teams. In order to reach certification, both the dog and its handler must meet the highest standards throughout the course of the drug dog training process. Only then are the dog and its handler certified as a team.

Utilizing firsthand knowledge and well-earned experience gained during a six-year stint as Course Chief for the Military Drug Dog Training Course at Lackland Air Force Base, owner Dan Hayter has been able to help establish civilian drug dog standards for the very first time. By applying such stringent military standards to the civilian world, Mr. Hayter has brought about a whole new class of dog and trainer certification.

These standards are not only recognized across the United States, but have also gone on to gain international recognition. Across the globe, it is our drug dog training and guidelines that are being utilized to determine the efficiency and preparedness of working K9 and handler teams. From Africa to Europe, and from Asia to South America, you will find not only dogs trained to our standards, but dogs which were literally trained by us.

In addition to his work as FAA coordinator and Evaluator for the FAA program, Mr. Hayter has gone on to a seat on the United Nations Mine Dog Committee, which serves to establish international standards for mine sniffing dogs. When it comes to understanding the importance of high standards, Global is the only name you can trust.

Over the past thirty years, our standard in handler and drug dog training has proven itself more than capable of standing the test of time. For three decades now, Global has provided both private and public institutions with world class working dogs across every imaginable field of discipline. In fact, we currently have more than 450 dogs working for the United States Department of Defense alone!

Our standards are both rigid and thorough. It is not easy for a dog and its handler to complete the drug dog training process, but the results speak for themselves. Not only must each drug dog handler complete the mandatory certification process, but there is also a three step evaluation process which must be completed before a team is finally permitted to attempt the written exam, which represents the final test before graduation.

These three performance evaluations ensure that each and every dog/handler team is capable of performing the difficult real world duties required of a truly world-class drug dog. The scenarios covered with these evaluations include buildings, vehicles, and luggage, which comprise the three major points of drug intervention.

Finally, a written test is administered as the last obstacle or step to the drug dog training process in order to be considered fully trained. Only after the certification process, the three step evaluation process, and the written test have been completed to satisfaction can a team be graduated and considered ready for work in the field.

Our drug dog training process is complete and thorough, leaving no doubt that any dog and handler who are able to successfully complete the training are fully capable of handling real world working situations. From basic commands to advanced interception, there is no job for which Global cannot train a world class working dog.

Global’s Reputation in Drug Training K9 Dogs

Our reputation among the world’s most elite dog training and drug dog training institutions is unparalleled. As a committed member of our both our local and national fields, Global Training Academy believes strongly in maintaining working relationships within our community. This is why we are proud to maintain membership in the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, as well as the United States’ Chamber of Commerce.

We are licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security, Registered with the DEA, the Texas DPS, and the ATF for the use of explosives. When it comes to professionalism and industry certification, Global Training Academy leaves absolutely zero room for doubt. We only believe in doing things one way, and that is the right way.

Our reputation within the world of drug dog training specifically is second to none. In every corner of the United States, and all around the world, our dogs are maintaining the absolute highest standards in professionalism and job execution. Regardless of where you might go and who you might speak to, our reputation is that of the best dog trainers in the world, bar none. All over the world, governments and private citizens have put their trust in us, and we are proud to have never disappointed.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the utmost in satisfaction, and the highest possible value for their investment. And with three decades of experience in setting the world class standard by which all other working dogs are judged, we are confident that each and every dog we train will meet this goal.

Not only do we pride ourselves on providing the best drug dog training available on the market, but we also take the extra step of performing thorough follow-ups and ensuring that ongoing training is always available. We believe that top-notch customer service is just as critical to our success as providing high quality training.

It is actually quite common for dog and handler teams to return to our facility in Somerset, Texas to participate in ongoing training. This can be done with the goal of adding additional skill sets, or even just to sharpen and refresh skill sets which are not commonly utilized in the dog’s field of work.

Since our inception, Global has represented the gold standard in the training and certification of drug dog and handler teams. As the future unfolds, we are certain that our approach will continue to define the way others in the industry conduct business. So why settle for anything less than the proven industry leader?