Bomb Dogs

As with all of our working dogs, Global Training Academy’s bomb dogs are simply second to none. Our world-class training process ensures that each and every one of our graduated handler and dog teams have completed the most extensive training program the industry has to offer. GTA quite literally sets the bar by which all other trainers are measured.

In fact, before GTA opened its doors in 1984, there were no standard certifications which regulated bomb sniffing dogs within the civilian population. Based upon the United States Military’s certification process, our system of selecting, training, and certifying handler and dog teams has set the international standard for working dogs. In every corner of the world, working dogs are now measured against the Global mark.

As with all of our patrol dogs, handler protection is treated as the absolute highest priority. In the event of an attack upon its handler, each of our dogs is trained to defend. This defense is the dog’s utmost concern, and each of our working dogs will attack with or without command under these circumstances. At Global, we firmly believe that this level of trust and accountability must be present in order to ensure a reliable working relationship.

Bomb Detection Dogs at Work

Our dogs have been put to work in nearly every corner of the working world. Because our reputation is so well known at the international level, demand for our bomb dogs has spiked all across the globe. From military and government all the way to private enterprise, our dogs can handle any working situation that might be thrown their way.

Drug sniffing dogs by Global Training Academy

Across Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and of course, right here at home, our K9 detection dogs are in high demand. Regardless of where they work, our dogs have the training necessary to deliver consistently excellent results. By applying these stringent training standards to each and every dog we certify, we are able to ensure that our reputation – and your life – are in good hands.

Over the course of the past thirty years, our dogs have proven time and time again that attention to detail is the key to success in the world of working dogs. In fact, our bomb dogs for example are trained to such a high standard that we currently have more than 450 dogs working for the United States Department of Defense.

And these bomb detection dogs are working in every capacity imaginable. In today’s world, it is impossible to predict where and when danger will strike. Both internationally and domestically, the potential for explosive threats has never been greater, which is exactly why it is imperative to put your trust in a company with Global’s longstanding tradition of excellence.

No other company anywhere on Earth has produced and placed as many K9 dogs as GTA has. Our outstanding training procedures have produced more working dog and handler teams than any other company on the planet, which is exactly why all working dogs are measured by the Global standard.

Explosive Detection Dogs Clients

Obviously, there are many uses for bomb sniffing dogs in today’s world. From use in active war zones, to searching for unexploded devices from past conflicts, to securing domestic airports and other transportation hubs, our dogs are working tirelessly to protect innocent lives. In fact, if you’ve ever done any serious traveling, there is a very good chance you have been protected by a Global Training Academy graduate!

We have been proud to work with some of the world’s most exclusive clientele over the years. GTA’s consistency in meeting world class standards has allowed us the opportunity to work with such institutions as the United States Department of Defense, the United States Military, police departments, foreign governments, and elite private enterprise, as well as numerous other organizations.

Our spectacular international reputation has opened the door to many exciting opportunities, but it has been our stringent attention to detail that has allowed us to continue in the field of explosive detection dogs and bomb dogs for so many years. Not only do we set the international standard for working dogs, we also take extreme care to ensure that we maintain strong working relationships within our own community.

This is why we are proud to maintain membership in the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, as well as the United States Chamber of Commerce. We are also completely licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security, registered with the DEA, and the Texas DPF. Finally, we have also attained full licensing by the ATF for use of explosives. When it comes to thorough attention to detail and unparalleled professionalism, Global Training Academy cannot be matched.

Not only do we provide world class training to our bomb dog and handler teams, but we are also committed to ensuring that each and every dog maintains their skill set over the course of their career. This is why we also pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and follow-up.

It is actually quite common for handler and bomb dog teams to return to our facility in Somerset, Texas to engage in ongoing training. This can be done with the aim of acquiring additional skill sets, or simply as a refresher to sharpen and refresh skill sets which might not be called upon on a regular basis in the dog’s working life.