Police Dogs

Global Training Academy police dogs are trained in handler protection. This means attacking with or without command if the handler is attacked.


Global police dogs

Police K9 is trained to guard criminal suspects while searched by the handler. Patrol dogs are also trained searching for criminals in open areas (fields), buildings and other such locations.

Our police dogs are trained to assist law-enforcement personnel in their daily work. Mostly German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois are used for K9 police dogs. Global Training Academy is an expert on training police dogs for all kind of purposes. Our patrol dogs are trained in so called handler protection. The patrol dogs will attack with or without a command from the handler, if he or she is attacked.

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Popular breeds of police dogs

Not only german shepherd or Belgian malinois are use as police dogs. Other popular breeds are :

  • Dutch shepherd
  • Argentine Dogo
  • Dobermann
  • Giant Schnauzer

On customers request we deliver all the breeds

Training police dogs

Global Training Academy has excellent training facilities to train police dogs in different circumstances. At our company in Sommerset, Texas we yearly train hundreds of patrol dogs and their handlers. Training a dog, especially a police dog is something that requires regular rehearsal on different exercises. This mean that training police dogs will never come to an end.

After we deliver the police dogs customer are advised how to keep their dog in shape for this line of work. If necessary police dog handlers are welcome to come back to us and renew their patrol dog handler training.

The most important thing on police dogs training is the bonding. Handler and dog should be able to rely on each other. This will be the basic principle.

Of course the police can be specialized on specific tasks or assignments.