Drug Dogs

When purchasing a drug dog, there are many important factors to consider. The first and foremost of these factors is the dog’s ability to handle real world working situations with professionalism and consistency. At Global Training Academy, we pride ourselves on providing not only the absolute finest dogs available, but also in training these dogs to the world-class standards which our clientele have come to expect from us.

You can count on the fact that each and every of our drug dogs for sale is of the finest intelligence and temperament, and has undergone a thorough evaluation before even being considered for GTA training. From there, each of our handler/dog teams must undergo a standard certification process, followed by a three phase evaluation of real world skill sets. These include building, luggage, and vehicle inspection processes, which are the most common uses for drug dogs in the working world.

As with all of our working dogs, drug dogs for sale by GTA are trained with handler protection as their number one priority. In the event of an attack on its handler, our K9 dogs will defend with or without command. We firmly believe that it is this kind of trust and loyalty which truly defines a successful working relationship between a dog and its handler.

The GTA Standard and Drug Dogs for Sale

When our company was established in 1984, there were no regulations or international standards, which applied to the training of drug dogs or sale of drug dogs for the civilian population. By working relentlessly over the past three decades, we have been able to establish a standard training certification for dog and handler teams which has been internationally accepted. This GTA standard is now viewed as the benchmark for success the world over.

In order to attain this certification, both dog and handler must meet the highest standards of evaluation during the entire drug dog training process. From initial certification to refresher courses and recertification down the line, GTA ensures that both dog and handler are equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our drug dogs for sale will not be released into the working world before each dog and handler team has passed an initial certification, followed by our three-step evaluation process. From there, a written examination must also be completed. Only then can a team be certified to the GTA standard.

Global’s Reputation and K9 Drug Dogs for Sale

To go along with our internationally recognized training standards, Global Training Academy is also proud to be a strong contributing member of both the local and national business communities in which we operate. We believe strongly in maintaining working relationships with our neighbours, and as such pride ourselves on being contributing members of our communities.

We are proud to maintain memberships in the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, as well as the United States Chamber of Commerce. We are also fully licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security, and have been fully registered with the DEA and the Texas DPF. Finally, Global is also proud to be licensed by the ATF for the use of explosives.

Simply put, our reputation is second to none. We are recognized internationally as the worldwide leader in the training of working dogs and the sale of K9 drug dogs and we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations at every opportunity. There is a reason we have continued to not only grow, but excel for three decades and counting.

All around the world, governments and private citizens alike have put their trust in Global Training Academy, and we take great pride in surpassing all expectations. In nearly every corner of the globe, you will find our dogs working to make the world a safer place.

Of course, our reputation of excellence does not stop with simply providing working dogs and drug dogs for sale. We provide thorough follow-ups to each of our customers, and go to great lengths to ensure that follow-up training is always available. World class training is the base upon which our success has been built, but just as crucial has been our commitment to providing top-notch customer service.

From the very first step of the selection process, all the way to follow-up service after training has been completed, GTA sets the standard by which all other dog trainers are now measured. Across the country and around the world, our reputation as the gold standard in the training of working dogs is simply unmatched. So if you are in the market for a finely tuned working dog, our drug dogs for sale as well as the many other highly trained K9’s we offer are second to none, Global Training Academy is your only choice.