Police K9 Training

 Global’s Approach to Police K9 Training

The first and most important aspect of Global Training Academy’s police K9 training program is handler protection. This means that the most immediate goal of any dog trained by us will be the defence of its owner. In the event of an attack on its handler, a properly trained K9 will attack, regardless of whether or not it is commanded to do so.

This is an important and well-established reflection of the dog’s loyalty, and demonstrates the all-important bond that is necessary between a working dog and its handler. When properly trained, police K9s are absolutely committed to the protection and well-being of their handlers. Beyond any other skill set or ability, this loyalty is what separates good working dogs from great working dogs.

Police dog training

Global’s Police K9 Training

Our police K9 training program teaches working dogs to guard criminal suspects while being detained, questioned, and searched by their handlers. And although this is the most common use, there is almost no limit to the specific training we are able to provide. Patrol dogs are also trained in the pursuit of suspects in a variety of physical locations. These can include natural outdoor settings such as wooded areas and fields, urban environments, and even building interiors.

Our police dogs are specifically trained to assist officers in their daily duties, and therefore often require a very specific set of physical and mental attributes. Selecting a dog who has these natural inclinations can provide a big advantage. Experience has shown that German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are often the most successful candidates and respond well to the police K9 training program, which is why Global chooses to work mostly with these breeds. These dogs are fiercely loyal, and adjust well to the handler-protection mentality.

Other Breeds Used for Police K9 Dogs

Although German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the most common choices, we are happy to deliver all breeds upon customer request. Some other popular choices for police work include: Dutch Shepherds, Argentine Dogos, Dobermanns, and even Giant Schnauzers.

The Process of Police Training

Each and every year, Global Training Academy welcomes hundreds of patrol dogs and their handlers to our world class facility in Somerset, Texas. With the ability to train dogs for any number of real-world situations, our training centre truly delivers with the most thorough and intensive training program available.

Training any dog requires constant rehearsal and hours upon hours on ongoing training…but training a police dog requires even more. The process does not simply end once police K9 dogs have left the training program. In fact, the most important factor to success is often the maintenance work that occurs long after training has been completed.

We provide all of our handlers with the information and skills necessary to keep their dog in working shape. It is also quite common to have police K9 dog handlers return to refresh and update their handler training.

The Importance of Bonding in the K9 Training Experience

Although honing the physical and mental abilities of each and every dog we work with is of the utmost importance, there is one factor which is even more important to the long-term success of a dog and handler team. Because of the highly personal nature of the handler-dog relationship, bonding can be the most integral part of the K9 training experience.

A good patrol dog will attack without command in the event of an attack on its handler, and in order to have that kind of trust, there is no substitute for a properly executed training regimen. At Global, we focus heavily on the understanding that a handler must be able to rely upon his or her dog, and that in return a dog must be able to rely upon its handler as well.

Other Elements of Police K9 Dog Training

Although the basic elements of police K9 training are very similar – if not the same – for every dog, there are also a wide variety of working situations which require very specific skill sets. Particularly for police dogs, no two job descriptions are ever the exact same. For this reason, we are happy to provide specialized training in any area specifically requested by our customers. If you need a dog to perform a job, we can train it!