Drug Dog Handler Training

Our drug dog handler training is designed to train a person on how to handle a drug detector dog; student handler will receive basic skills in the safe and effective handling of a drug detector dog, search techniques for contraband concealed in buildings, vehicles, open areas, luggage and packages will be developed.

Handlers will be able to use wind currents effectively to enhance the dog’s detection abilities.

Each handler will be able to maintain accurate training and use records for development of proficiency and corrective training should it ever be required.

Our drug dog handler training services are focused on finding :

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamines
  • Other narcotics

Course of instruction

  • Safety procedures
  • Obedience for dog handles
  • Kennel maintenance and sanitation
  • Maintaining your working dog; feeding, health, and maintenance.
  • Working dog first aid and safety precautions
  • Principles of conditioning, this covers how dogs learn to perform as a police service dog.

Search patterns and techniques for detector dog handlers:

  • Vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Open area search
  • Aircraft and bus searches
  • Wind currents
  • Luggage

Training and use records for detector dog handlers:

  • Records, why keep them and how to keep them
  • Training records
  • Utilization records
  • Training forms and recording data
  • Proficiency training purpose & design for detector dog handlers

Drug Dog Handler Course:

We also offer a drug dog handler course designed to train a person on how to handle a drug detector dog. The course is designed to meet the training needs of agencies that have drug detector dogs but the handlers have changed. The training is done at Global’s location.

Our Promise:

We will do everything in our power to insure you and the dogs are highly trained, we want you to be the best dog team in your area. Global dogs and handlers have a reputation of being the best in the world.