Drug Dogs

As the worldwide leader in the training of working dogs, GTA prides itself on the ability to deliver the most well trained dogs available in any field. Regardless of what kind of skill set you might require, we have the ability to train and deliver a working K9 that is second to none. With more than thirty years of experience in the field, you can count on the first-hand knowledge of our highly trained team of experts to provide a working dog that exceeds your highest expectations.

With the demand for drug dogs at an all-time high, it should come as no surprise that our training procedures have also never been more sought after. From military and defense uses all the way down to protecting a single location for a small organization, our dog training procedures are literally becoming more popular by the day.

Drug sniffing dogs by Global Training Academy

Drug sniffing dogs by Global Training Academy

Our unique training process requireseach handler and dog team undergo a thorough certification process. Because drug sniffing dogs are asked to do so much in the run of a day, it is absolutely critical that each step of this process be completed to the absolute highest standards. Only after this process has been completed by both the dog and its handler can the team be graduated and certified for real-world work.

As with all of our patrol dogs, we make certain to engrain all of our drug detection dogs to hold handler protection as its top priority, above all else. Should a handler come under attack, each and every one of our dogs will defend aggressively, with or without command. At GTA, we believe that it is this level of trust and bonding which separate our dogs from the rest of the pack. Not only is handler protection of the utmost importance, but it is also critical to ensure that both the dog and handler have complete trust in one another.

 GTA’s Drug Dog Training Standards

Before Global opened its doors in the fall of 1984, an internationally accepted standard of dog training policy for the civilian world was essentially unheard of. By applying the stringent standard of the United States Military to what had once been essentially a rogue industry, GTA has been able to move to the forefront of the international dog training community.

Now, we quite literally represent the standard by which all other trainers are measured. Global Training Academy has spent the past thirty years working with organizations all around the world to ensure that there is now a recognizable and widely accepted standard of training for all types of working dogs, including but certainly not limited to drug dogs.

Utilizing firsthand knowledge and well-earned experience gained during a six-year stint as Course Chief for the Military Drug Dog Training Course at Lackland Air Force Base, Global Training Academy owner Dan Hayter has been able to help establish civilian dog standards for the very first time. By applying such stringent military standards to the civilian world, Mr. Hayter has brought about a whole new class of dog and trainer certification.

Both nationally and internationally, the k9 dogs that are trained here at our world-class facility in Somerset, Texas represent the absolute finest the industry has to offer. All around the world, you will find GTA graduates working to make their communities a safer place. From Africa, Europe, and Asia, to right here in our own back yards, we are proud to offer the most stringently tested and reliable working dogs on the planet.

It has been this commitment to the development and implementation of stringent standards, which has guided GTA to its position atop the drug dog training community. From the United States Department of Defense to small private enterprises, anyone who truly cares about the quality of the working dogs in their company has turned to Global as their first choice.

Drug Dogs at Work

The main focus of the drug sniffing dogs trained here at GTA is usually on locating narcotic substances while out on patrol. Because they are trained to work while constantly on the move, our dogs are able to transfer their skill sets to just about any working conditions.

Some of the substances our drug detection dogs have been trained to locate include marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamines, as well as long list of other potentially harmful substances.

While on patrol, handlers are also trained to keep accurate and ongoing records which can provide vital insight to the daily operations of a working dog. These records can then be utilized in the future to help the development of proficiency and corrective training.

Each of our drug dogs is trained to be comfortable performing in a wide variety of real world working situations. In the search for contraband, our dogs are trained to search and evaluate vehicles, buildings, aircraft, busses, luggage, and even in open air situations.

Included in the basic training procedures for these dogs is also a development of the ability to use wind currents to enhance a dog’s detection abilities. This is a highly specialized skill set which requires the utmost attention to detail from both the dog and its handler.

Regardless of the physical location or the specific duties required of each circumstance, we are one hundred percent confident that we are able to provide the absolute best option for any working dog, under type of conditions. Whether you are in the market for a dog to perform basic patrol duties or a team of highly specialized drug dogs, Global Training Academy should be your first and only stop.