Bomb sniffing dogs

We sell and train bomb sniffing dogs all over the world. K9 Global Training Academy are experts in this field.


Bomb sniffing dogs : kind of explosives

Our dogs are able to detect :

  • Smokeless Powder
  • Blasting/safety fuse (content black powder)Bomb sniffing dogs
  • TNT
  • C-4
  • Water Gel
  • Detonator Cord
  • Date Sheet
  • Nitro Dynamite
  • Sodium Nitrate
  • Potassium Chlorate
  • RDX
  • PETN
  • Ammonia Dynamite
  • Semtex
  • Military Dynamite
  • Sodium Chlorate
  • Ammonia Nitrate Fertilizer (ANFO)
  • Kino Pac
  • HMX
  • PETN Detonator Cord

Bomb sniffing dogs handlers training

Global Training Academy provides the perfect bomb sniffing dogs handlers training in the world.

Global Training Academy has a mandatory & high standard bomb dog training certification process. This standard was carried over from the U.S. Military when this company was started.

Dan Hayter, one of the owners, had been the Course Chief for the Military bomb sniffing dogs Training Course at Lackland AFB, Texas for 6 years prior to his retirement and starting Global. He also was the FAA Coordinator and Evaluator for the FAA program for 8 years prior to retirement. He is now on the UN Mine Dog Committee that is working to establish standards for mine finding dogs.

When we started our company there were no standards for bomb dogs in the civilian community. We established the standard that a handler and bomb dog must pass a high standard certification process. If the bomb dog handler and bomb dog do not meet the certification standards in the normal course of the bomb dog handler training with his bomb dog; they are not certified as a team.

Our standard has stood the test of time and we are recognized as a leader in training bomb sniffing dogs and bomb sniffing dog handlers.
In addition to the mandatory bomb dog certification, each bomb dog handler must also pass three performance evaluations (buildings, vehicles, luggage) and a written test. Once all the requirements have been met, the team is graduated.

We are licensed by the Texas Commission on Private Security, Registered with the DEA, the Texas DPS, and the ATF for the use of explosives. We are also a member of the San Antonio Better Business Bureau, and the Texas & United States Chambers of Commerce.

We’ve been training bomb dogs for over 24 years. We sell and provide our bomb dogs & bomb dog training services in EVERY State in the United States & throughout the whole World!